Bingo game review

mr green casino gamesOne of the most popular specialty games is bingo. It provides an incredible opportunity to make money without a need for skill development. Mr Green Casino has one of the best selection of different Bingo variants. All newly registered Australian players are able to receive a 100% match deposit bonus and additional 200 free spins. It is possible to find a number of bingo rooms for literally any gambler who would like to play a nice collection of different Bingo types. At this moment, among most popular options there are:

  • 75 ball bingo game;
  • 80 ball bingo game;
  • 90 ball bingo game.

Not all people understand what they are getting with the Mr Green bingo collection and this review will help in shedding a light on everything surrounding this incredible website. Many gambling fans are familiar with the collection of slot machines this website has, but not all of them acknowledge the selection of Bingo. It is very important to talk about all pros and cons this particular kind of a game has in case of this website and the experience with bingo in case of playing it while using the official mobile application of Mr Green.

Play on Mobile & Mr Green Bingo App

For every gambler who would like to play bingo casino Mr Green while being far away from home, it is important to download the official application for either iOS or Android. The best thing about it – this software is completely free and it is indeed available on both major mobile operating systems. What makes it all even better is the fact that the player is able to download the app from the App Store on iPhone and Google Play Store on Android devices. There is no need to spend a lot of time dealing with the problematic aspect of installing the app from the APK file.

Right after the opening of the app, the gambler is able to either sign in to the existing account or register a new one in order to access the full collection of bingo. It is possible to stay logged in for as long as the player would like to do that and play bingo even while traveling. But in order to pay for bets the gambler should be physically in Australia and use only supported services:

  • Mastercard;
  • Visa;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller.

Another important thing should be mentioned over the mobile experience of playing bingo games via the official Mr Green bingo Australia mobile application – it is possible to have fun with the full selection of games of this genre that were previously available on the desktop version of the site. They have a lot of incredible features to use, but what is great – the player is able to activate the automatic betting function and just wait for the game to come to an end while doing other stuff in real life.

The original bingo functionality for the mobile application was launched in October 2017, so it is quite new and it is not shocking that so many people have not heard much about it. Players have access to not only a large collection of games, but also different kinds of promotions and features that cannot be found on any other gambling website with bingo. There are a couple of rooms that can be recommended for people who will open the application for the first time and want to get a perfect understanding of what this specialty game offers:

  • Bingo Ballroom 90 ball
  • Sky Lounge 75 ball
  • Wonders of the World 80 ball
  • Once Upon a Time 90 ball

To play bingo, participants receive special cards in which several numbers are marked in a chaotic manner. After that, numbered balls are removed from the bag (lottery drum). If the number that fell out of the lottery drum matches on the ticket, the player must cross it out or cover it with chips. The one who first closes all the numbers on the game card becomes the winner. Most often, after voicing the word “bingo” aloud, the game ends and the winner is declared.

In the case of the digital version of the free bingo Mr Green – the gambling process is identical for the most part. The player just needs to spend some time understanding how to play it and practice a little. But unlike in the case of poker or blackjack, this game does not require any major skills, as it is mostly based on pure luck. It is important to look at the positive and negative aspects of Mr Green.

Mr Green Bingo Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons online bingo has at the moment. It was impossible not to say a couple of words about them as a part of this review Mr Green bingo, and the best way to start is the list of pros:

  • Ability to play bingo for free. Online bingo is the most accessible online game. You can even enjoy free games, which may not let you win a tangible price, but still serve as a fun pastime that also allows you to dive into the game itself and try your luck;
  • Convenience. Online bingo is incredibly easy and the online format makes it convenient. In is possible to understand the principle and play at home, work, public transportation and in any other place of Australia;
  • Speed. Bingo is quite famous for its slow and steady pace, which may be ideal for some players, but feels like absolute torture for others. Unlike offline activity, playing bingo online allows you to enjoy the game at the pace you like without being hung up on anyone;

There is still at least one negative aspect of playing live bingo online – it provides an opportunity to socialize, but it is not going to be the most convenient experience for sure.

mr green bingo games


Is it legal to play bingo in Australia?

Yes, playing bingo in Australia is legal and Mr Green is a fully licensed online casino.

How old should I be to play bingo?

Just like in case of any other gambling game, the player should be at least 18 years old in order to play bingo in Australia.

What is the most popular bingo room on Mr Green website?

Wonders of the World 80 ball bingo room is the most popular one in case of the Mr Green website.